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Off-topic posts to House of Wellborn (House of the King of SOF)


Serve a true king @Centurion1

cause @TheHorseLord wellborn will lead you to death

House of Wellborn (House of the King of SOF)[Join]

You were glitchy as fuck man lol plus every buddy looses some days and you have played for much longer than me so :joy:


And btw get that shit off my page before I report you spamming on hear


Go ahead snitch lol plus you know how much bs u put on my pages filling that shit up with dumb questions or comments if i were a snitch ide report you but lucky for you i dont scoop as low as you narc


I told you he does that alot he stars all kinds of stuff and before he begins he changes it


How is that being a snitch lol your to sensitive cent


What are you talking about :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Reporting snitching all the same you really need to learn social norms


Just take it off Everytime I make a recruiting page for my house some ideot goes and starts chatting on it if you want to talk talk on SOF clan chat


Who gives a fuck anyways lol


Go take all your shit of mine then




There now take your stuff off of here


I’m splitting some posts on the request of the OP.

@everyone Please keep posts on topic, especially in the Clans category


You should make the creater of a post be able to have the ability to take off post that they feel are not on topic instead of use having to ask you to do it cause my page also gets filled wih off topic post by @BraveHeart all the time and its annoying


That would be a good thing, but unfortunately I don’t see any settings for that. Maybe there’s some kind of forum plug-in for it, I’ll take a look


Another of scipios head aka wellborn aka horselord aka leader of sof here is your king of tears :cry: in another alias

House of Wellborn (House of the King of SOF)[Join]

Stop it I told you not to add your things on hear


This forum is about to get regulated worse than the EU…didnt they teach you its not nice to tell on the other children!?


Fuck the EU man the are a buch of Communist plus I asked cent to remove his stuff nicely but he wouldn’t listen so if you can’t take the shit don’t ask for it lol