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Official discord for all users

Good morning all, we have been working on a discord server to integrate into the game. The integration isn’t complete as it needs to be custom made but the server is live and ready for you guys to join if you want. Once integration into the game is complete we will again announce the discord more dramatically.

Here is the link:


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What is this exactly

It’s Free Voice and Text Chat for Gamers. Currently you can use the standalone Discord app to do voice chat, and the plan is to seamlessly integrate with the in-game lobby and team text chat.


Finally someone made an official chat for SW.
I’ve been using Discord for exactly an year and 9 days :stuck_out_tongue:haha

That’s great I can’t wait to be able to give orders to my fellow Asskicker on a secure channel excellent

thats what dms are for lol

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Can someone sens an invite for discord the one posted has expired

The invite should still be active

Everyone should use Discord… Very effective for matchmaking and communication.

No one uses Discord SW chat nowadays xD

You are wrong :wink:

This should be pinned because I know most of the players are lazy to scroll down forever.