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One more caward runner 😣


If you guys don’t want to waste your time then don’t play with this white, green unnamed player ever because he is a coward runner and will make you chase all over the map and when you came down to kill him he will start running again then will camp at higher place and stay there for hours ,I met many campers and cowards but never played this kind of asshole ,l defeated him three times in a row he is such a noob but seriously he runs like a bitch all over the map and such a camper .and in one match he lost all his army and had one cavalry unit and then he start running I chased him for few minutes then finally knock him down and won that battle .idk why peoples are so coward who don’t know how to play and when they know they can’t win they start running,even when they have only one useless unit of army left .I know many peoples who are new to this game and not good in battle but they play with honor never runs like a coward like few peoples runs .I hope those coward runners will learn this game and do something else then running like a bitch.thank you. Here I have some screenshots of that coward runner.

I think we should have add some victory point

That annoys me too. If you play him again try telling him to surrender so you can have another match.


Yes ,Well I don’t gonna fight with that coward runner Again,total wastage of time I will suggest all of you to do same


@Noremac what happened with the mercenary army?


What happened ?


I’m not ready to run a clan this time around. You and I can form a two man coalition if you want though.


Apparently shit posting against other players is allowed. If you think about it it’s a good-ish tactic. Also, who cares? Leave him/her alone, you have your ways, they have theirs. I’ve edited this 2 time already, this is my third I just saw a few messages in that chat. Only holy fuck. The amount of disrespect right here and, I bet in other games, is intolerable. I thought this was a noice strategy game, where every time you lose you could tell how good the other player won. But, this… this is horrible.


:confused: Some of us are nice! There have been others in the padtwjo have been worse. You are right that we shouldn’t shit talk others though. Esspecialy, when there is nothing keeping people.from quitting a match.


Thats life man just dont read the post its not like u have to read it same as they dont have to write it,somepeople are mean but it’s the internet theres a big off button. Not that its not rude but your also not required to read it either. Other games have huge staff and dollers to help censore the traffic if your that sensitive maybe do yourself a favor and don’t read post lots of harsh criticism if you a runner of do tactics like fleeing


Hey buddy seems you took this post in your heart ,may be you were that guy, I don’t disrespect anyone until they do something which I have to mention in the front of everyone,I do loose Battles but there is a categories of good and bad players ,I never insult my opponents who got defeated by me unitil they do some bullshit kind of things like that guy did ,I don’t like big mouths who have no skill but only a big mouth


I’d you hate people running… Kill their archers and horse units first. Don’t be a bitch and complain about runners on a forum when that is a tactic in itself. Cut off the propers heads and you can play with them in the end like a cat to a baby mouse.


Lol ur new. u think its that easy to kill a professional runner’s range like crini they purposely keep there range and cav protected u think there just gonna stand there and let u kill there main tactic units like range and cav lol keep playing bro u will see what everone means


You are a new bitch noob you will know soon what I am saying , right now only experienced players can understand this not noob like you


Hahahaha Thurzan couldn’t hack it huh well good riddance


I kill them all



you know your a bit late right ???


Am I … i didn’t notice


Let’s battle almighty. I’ll put your wimpy skills to the rest.


:joy::joy:ok btw do you got skills have you ever won against me.?


Come let’s fight