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Paul b see de ythree

What is your army??

He is playing territory battles vs himself :man_facepalming:

Nope i hade a battle with a real person I believe it was "King B Ashur.

the dead thing in the battlefield would be you…but that will not happen since you prefer to hide behind the comfort of your custom battles

That one battle i did to mess with you when we were friends for that one day we were its sad man we’re all trying to have fun and you’re being a child

Let me think about it. For now I think we should have a set army when we battle one that we can customize are self. So we can hire mercenaries with gold, how much should these cost should I roll on it.

-The battle at Potenza

The leader of the Kopicians successfully drove the latins out of allied territory, increasing support from the oscans, and nearly getting killed in the process. Although a victory, the Kopician army took very high loses and it will be some time until they are replenished.

Where are you currently on the map and where
Beneventum is this it

Is the screenshot to defeat Africa???