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Pike and shot formations, formations in general


Hi, I am Tercio, and I came here to talk about Pike and shot tactics and formations, do they work here? Or Is a waste of lives and effort? I have been using this formation and so far the only weakness is big big flanking attacks.


not sure what u mean do u mean like shooting then advancing that works but only if ur projectiles are consontrated and theres are spred far and if u mean like the pikes stopping there advance no unless they come with less numbers then ur pike line but if u elaborated on question i can help


as in bring archers and matchlocks directly in front of likes to protect them from charges, to prevent attack from ranges, use cav, will this be effective?


yes tht would be effective any thing can work when u keep the full body of ur infantry together and lean how to maunuver full army and fire at the same time but if u choose to bunker down then turrain should be picked wisely so that u dont have to defend ur flank but if i were u i would let infintry cover flank and cav used 2 repell range unit that my range units cant reach i would post my projectiles in forest or perch on ledge of highground turrain is most important