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Pike/spear cav info


Can somebody with knowledge break down the pike/spear cav for me!? Pro’s n Con’s!? I am experiencing real problems with it…What are its advantages or disadvantages??? Anybody…


Yari (Spear) Cav is best use for quick attacks, to charge into the enemy flanks and gtfo of there. This is called shock cav.
• Good for routing Yari Ashigaru ( If you charge their flanks ),Bow Ashigaru and Matchlock Ashigaru
• Good to charge into the flanks of units in prolong combat
• Good for chasing down routing units
• Can deal serious damage
• Bad at prolonged mêlée against any non-ranged unit
• Katana Cav and General can easily rout your Yari Cav
• Charging Katana Samurai will cause them heavy casualties but they will trump over you if you don’t pull back.
• Charging at Yari or Naginata Samurai is like driving your car into a brick wall with spears impaling you
Use them to charge the flanks of your enemies and GET THE F*** OUT OF THERE


Thanx for the info! But the thing is…n this happens too often…I try to hit n run…just get the f out of there as qickly as possible…but they get stuck in some weard way! When they do that all goes to hell…they start going in the wrong direction n act all confused, dont follow the path! Its a reoccuring scenario! But I’ll keep the flank thing in mind! But I swear…there something weard with how they get stuck fucked up like that! Cheers


How do you get pike cav


U allways get one in three bow game mode…in musket game mode u only get katana cav!


I can’t do that


Yari cav, not pike


I dont think u understand! There are two types of games right, one when u start with three range units (3bows) n one when u start with five (3muskets+3bow), in the 3bow case one of ur cav units is allways a pike cav (yari cav)! U just must have not noticed…


Oh yahoo I thought halberd cab I’m fun lol


yari, pike, spear…a stick with a sharp steel point in the end… :slight_smile:


I know I thought halberd cav


If you command the units to run out they wont be stuck


Yo good stuff here. @Cavan2605 Gots good info there. A few things I like to do with my yari calv:

Definitely do the screen attacks with the katana calv and not the yari calv.

Its a bit weird not to use your calv to pester your enemy range units, but the yari calv is a really good defensive unit when an enemy calv attacks your range. (attack them with the range unit and yari calv and their calv cannot escape)

Like Cavan said use them on the flanks of your enemies: Engage with your infantry then bring in the yari calv from behind. (this isn’t really specific to Yari Calv, but I think they are most effective like this. This gives two benefits: 1. The enemy will loose morale faster from attack from behind and 2. Your infantry gains moral thanks to your calv being close.


Thanks dood, i got most of my experience from shogun 2 and rome 2 but im stuck with sw due to only able to use my pc 4 times a year