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Problems connecting / logging in (version 180219.2243)


Hej, tusen tack för “testpilot”, blev så jävla glad! Men kompis jag kunde inte spela på den versionen, laddar inte upp min avatar i topp baren, inga spel “mina” eller “nya” i höger spel bar och forumet slogs på och av i bild…

Found a bug, crash when double tap and pull apart

Jag ska prova tanka om den hoppas det går bättre!


@chikacrni The login process has been rewritten, it should connect automatically as “Player”, at sometimes takes a few seconds, but if it doesn’t work, try select “Login” from the menu in the top right corner.

And it’s easy to revert to the original one on the App Store if it doesn’t work.


I tryed the login…didnt work


How far did you get, did you see the login screen? Any error messages?


No error messages…I got to the “play” sign, was able to practice, was able to sandbox, was able to open forum, was able to logg in (did not make a difference). Furthermore any online gameplay options did not load up, like the bar on the right where u create games n look at others games did not load!


Tryed the 180211 aswell, but this is as far as I got


Did you try logging in from the menu (and not the forum)?

It should show the new login screen.



Also in the regular version, it happens very often that the avatar and name of the opponent dont load properly and all u see is a question mark…kind of minor, but you said report all, so am reporting…good eavning


Actually I did…but after pressing the logg in icon nothing happend, wait I will try again, maybe I did it on the 180211


ok, the 180211 was a bad build so don’t use that one


I did try the 180219, but am allready logged in automaticly by now


OK, so you’re able to see the match list now? Loggin in with your account should work too?


I am not able to see the match list (last I checked abt an hour ago), and yea I must have logged in earlier, because now am automaticly logged in on my ios defice when I switch to the 180219


I think I logged in through the forum before…tryed to logg out n logg in again (not through the forum), but cannot find logg out option! No matchlist…


Logged in: yes
Matchlist: no


Man I hope am of some help here…trying to right exactly what I am experiencing in detail! I dont think I have done anything incorrect…


Yes, all info is helpful, but the authentication process is quite complex with many steps that need to work together.

Anyone else having similar problems?


Just to make a note…adding choice of troops would bring an incredible dimention into this game…but of course with rational limits…like only a certain amount of samurai troops…or the way it is now like 60/40 …in any case individuality n variation of styles would recieve a great benefit…KEEP ON KEEPING ON…


Im having similar issue