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Problems logging in

Just did the update to version 30 and I still have Player.

Ahead it says I’m logged in but my name won’t appear I’m just player without an avatar how do I fix

Why is this still a problem??? I’d like to play.

Jezza read… it’s the 31 version that will fix this problem. He has released it to apple and they are processing the app for release. It should be out in 1-2 days.


Nikodil released an update that should fix this bug. It will take a day or two for this update to come out on iOS. Those of us who have this problem will just have to be patient.

Thruzan! Why u gotta beat me to it again? :joy:

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I’ve gone from 28 to 29 few days ago when I joined. And now 29 to 30. And now your telling me there is a third one. Ffs. How bogus?

Blame it on the Apple Store… lol, they take too long to process new apps.


I should of totally not listened to you Thurzan, to join this tournament, requiring me to join the forum, and have to do THREE separate updates just to get my name. Too much bs imo.

Dude some bugs are just unexpected. It’s that simple. @Jezzadajesta

You aren’t the only one having this problem… and how is this all my fault? :joy:


Yay! It works on Android now!

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Having same issue. nice to see I am not alone

Finally working. THANKS! :sweat_smile: game on fools

Hey, I also have a problem with my name not appearing on the screen (shy laughter…). It doesn’t even show as “player” and the tinny little pattern. It is just a big “D” on an orange cover and my name shows as discourse.api.
Did you say that the version that will fix it is the 30? Do I have to put in the [T] up in front? Do I log in again or something? Can someone help me?

Hey, mates. I just whent and found out that there is another guy who’s name is actually discourse.api. Holly cow! I am a lost soul in another person’s body. I have proof of this.

The other guy (the “player”, a really nice guy it seems) was very confused. Me and discourse could paly the same troops, use the same chat, and share the same body! That is sick.
Anyways, I kind of miss my old account. How do I fix this?

From my current understanding of your situation, you need to update to the latest version which is Version 31 (iOS). Once you update you should be able to login with the forums.
The [T] is only used to determine Tournament participants.


As of now, this bug is found when you are not updated to the latest version.

I think I have fixed this problem with version 31 (but I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug so I’m not 100% sure). Update to that version and let me know how it goes.

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Thanks! Its fixed now.

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