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Recruiting for the Ansar


Recruiting all those who would like to join the ranks of the Ansar


I join


Whats that name mean


It means the supporters


In what language




Oh OK you guys Arabs


Yes i am


Are u thinking of joining


No thx I have my own clan


Do u know how many clans there are currently


There are 4 right now H. S. C,T.R.R,Red Eye,and now you


The Great One has his clan also him and nox aka red eye are only ones in there clans


Oh I forgot to tell you that in my clan the TRR clan or The Roman Republic and the HSC clan also called house of soldiers clan the are diferant branches


How is territory assigned at the start and is there a map of current territory held by each faction


That’s cent talk to him about that


My ba3a is yours brother


I give u my support


Guys be sure to trine a lot so you can whipp a lot of H.S.C ass and cut there heads off


Guys you should call it th, The Ansar Clan and add T.A.C infront of your name so every one knowes you belong to this clan