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Recruitment for ARF


I am looking for one player to join my clan. The only requirements are that you are able to play regularly (but not nessesarilly all the time) and willing to learn. I will teach you my strategy and learn whatever you have to offer. You will be first and foremost a mercenary of the Advanced Recon Force, but I will allow you to join other clans.

Respond here or in the ARF thread if you want to join. I will likely only take one application then close the clan recruitment.


Hay normac wana battle


I wanna join


Maybe later. I am in Seattle staying in a hostel so the internet isn’t very good. I’ll try to get connected when I get back to the hostel.


Oh ok


Wana battle


Well you joined RMG first and I don’t want to poach you. If war broke out between our clans you would need to choose a side.






I’ll just be neutral if war happens


Noremac I don’t want to beg


I will accept you but you will need to pay an additional test. If you cannot pledge your resolve then it must be tested.




Does that mean


Normac you can have Texas Toast if we make an alliance


You must choose to answer one question. You can choose between history, geography, or math.


I’m a mercenary I go with the highest bidder




If you join ARF take off RMG my men would think your still in our clan


Which player founded the alliance that ARF derived from.