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I’m putting together a short how-to guide and will add images too. Anything I missed, or questions that it should answer?

How to play this game - Read First!

This looks really splendid. Great work Felix!


Thanks. And now with pictures! :camera:


this is great hopefully new players notice this tutorial. you forgot to mention how to get missile units to target lock on an enemy unit. also i think you meant rout instead of route.


thanks! updated.


Great job! Just a suggestion, it will be great if you could tag this to the iOS version of the game as there are many people who don’t know how to play. Btw I love the game


A link or something from the in-game lobby is a great idea. :+1:


When I tap the play button on iOS I don’t get a panel it just starts practice???


I have smae problem


This guide is a little ahead of time. Those features are currently in beta.


Oh ok…


Why avoid having your calvary fight in dense forest?


Because the advantage of cavalry is their speed, and open terrain is best for that. In rough terrain and lots of trees, light feet work better.

Unit difference

Thanks So much for this thread, and taking the time to lay it all out!

I really like this game, this guide really helped me and I think it’ll be as asset for future players for a long time!


Plz tell me how to host a match


To host matches, you need Early Access, see


What happend to multiple unit movement feature


We need hidden units man that would be so cool


@nikodil might want to update this post it’s a bit different now since that last update


Thanks for reminding, yes I will.