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Rise of the Nationalists



Today I announce the birth of a new clan. The Nationalist Clan is led by me, The Staunch Nationalist, formerly known as The Asskicker. The Nationalist Clan is open to asskickers of any age, color, creed, or sexual orientation, but they must be either male or female, and they must be firmly committed to kicking the asses of all of our enemies and physically throwing out of our group - if necessary - anyone who doesn’t truly belong among us. The Nationalist Clan members will always put other Nationalists first, though we by no means hate everyone else, we just want to be left alone for the most part, but we can and will kick and utterly destroy the ass of anyone who tries to impose their values and their people on our land. That is all.


The Staunch Nationalist


Shut up nerd!..


It’s about time you get with the program and come in for the big win, soldier. We are making all our countries great again. Which side are you on?


I’m on the side with loud music…bitches…and cocain


We still have all of those things sir though some of us might wish we did not


Join The Nationalists if you know how to follow orders and are dedicated to ejecting invaders from your land


Do you still accept me if I sexually identify as an attack helicopter? Will you change your bathrooms to accommodate my people? Because there is a fine line between a changed bathroom and an attack helicopter bathroom…
We put our shafts in the hangers (if you know what’s I mean) and if a bathroom is not able to handle that, I cannot stay where I am for more than 7.851 minute.


As useful as an attack helicopter might be for our operations, we can only accept males or females who know how to follow orders and are dedicated to serving their countries at this time.


Well, your loss


Try setting up an attack helicopter nation and perhaps we can have you as an ally, sir/ma’am/whateverthefuckyouare


Say The Staunch Nationalist how can i join?