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Roleplay and my idea experiment

Here you can make up a war story situation using units that are on the game with the ending depending on the out come of the battle to move your story forward. PS I wont guarantee I will follow threw Everytime, but I like making maps and using custom mods so I likely will

, threw war story role play, I might make a make a map based on your story details. The more detail about turrain and unit# even pics of turrain or the starting formations of your battle, will make the map and situation more fit to your detail but will fill in usin even vaguely given detail. Then I will give you a time I will be on so you can fight your battle. Or even just spectate it idk maybe you just wanna see what happens I will also play with you or you can gather other people to be on to fight it with you. Your story doesn’t even have to go anywhere there is no tight or wrong way to do this this is mainly to give me ideas and situations to play the game

I wanna see these play out

There we stood at the foot of battle.

we caught screens in sequence 2 3 general came in and rallies the men and they regain there courage to die with there general and fall in battle 6 7

The son of a warrior general is born and was given the name of no commen man, but of a rank Worthy of only the true men of valor, that live and breath where bloody swords, are but just a gold coins toss from him. Swords Peering threw the shields of the battle hardend enemy. Centurion

I played the battle of gaugamala here is the formation

I played against a random as Alexander and it didn’t turn out to good towards the middle end I got disorganized and lost towards the end. But was fun here is the screens

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Will I gain pisa. I have a fight scheduled for 930mst if I win my fight with @ilias you will see Pisa in blue he will be outnumbered, It will be a custom battle on this map it’s a map based on a pass turrain pic

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When i win im going to start a counter invasion and keep goung until all of the Italian peninsula is United

I agree

Im going to set the capital of my city state at Dyrrachium.

Do you know how to photo edit

Gotta go to war stage on Google log into forum there and then you can post app doesn’t work

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The battle of Pisa centurion vs @ilias

Let’s brainstorm on this army idea

Not sure

Yo, can I be Macedonia?