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Roman Empire Roleplay


Hi guys.
Its been a long time since my roleplay. I would like to make another one, where players can either help the Romans or aid in its defeat. Players WILL have to make important decisions in order to win. Rules (Roman Empire) 1. Players with permission from the Emperor can attack areas that have not yet been conquered by the Roman Empire. 2. To gain a state you Must have 2 screenshots in order to gain control over that state or territory. 3. You MUST consult the current empreror to lead operations in enemy territory. 4. Only the Emperor can make political decisions but players can choose to overturn the Emperor’s decision. Rules may be made along the way current map

Btw Can i also have people from my Great conquestof europe please help in this. Discord server:


The green is Carthage (Greyrider) Red is Rome (Hailtheslayer, and me)




it would be nice if u paint out the borders of present day europe, which by the way follow ur rome-border, matter of fact u can find a better map on google that u can use.


That is present day Europe, the Roman borders are just colored red


Why is Carthage still independent during the height of The Roman Empire? And why are they not currently in control of Carthage itself?



This is the actual map


Oh, what’s the rp situation then. Have the lands that used to be under Carthage’s influence separated from Rome? And I didn’t kno that Rome had holdings in Ireland. Had @HailTheSlayer and @Lord_Ranger expanded there?


When’s the rp starting


It has already started.


how do i join the rp


Maybe a Hunnic horde where their armies are mainly cavalry-based would be fun.


oh yea are you able to create or join another historical country


If you guys are so interested in this rp you might be interested in The Conquest of Europe which encompasses all of Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa


cool ill go check that out