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Rookie mistakes


1.U send ur ranged units out 2 far from ur main body and leave them vulnerable to attack by cav.//solution//keep ur ranged units close to ur infintry if u insist on sending them out send them out with strong smaller support units and if they move there main body toward u pull ur units back and push ur main body towards them make use of the double tap to make them run or use run bar keep ur infintry units compact n atack a single point and keep pulling ur units in when they proceed to chase there people routing
2.U send ur inf units to. Spread apart and u put the star in front which is ur general wich keeps ur units.from routing (runing away) make use of the multiple unit movement feature and send units in clusters for better outcome
3.U send units against the big spear wich is the strongest unit only another spear of its kind can equal there strength but if ur big spear is gone or to far they can be defeated if u send multiple units but they will cause the skinny spear to route if u send them its better u use ur swords as there professional units use an archer unit as a meat shield in his front and surrounded there flank(back)with sword units but a warning they will kill a few if not all ur units if they have support units so its better u lead with all ur inf units if u want to defeat there units whoever keeps tighter unit control in the skirmish(the pile of units fighting) will win .

Those r a few tips that help there r many styles to fight but these tips will give u a basic knowledge and a chance to compete MAKE SURE You use multiple unit movement feature by holding unit till buble expands then click desired.units to move then drag and place click the gound or another unchosen unit to release u from shifting units futher cause if done improper can cause u to mess up ur destination sometimes glitches but not often hope it helps.


Very important stuff. Especially, the part about keeping troops close and organized. I think you beat me our fist game tonight because of this.

One tactic I use is to try and separate the enemy with my. Cavalry. This can happen before they attack, by targeting archers. One of my favorite strategies is to flank the enemy with my cav, just as they are rushing my archers. Instead of staying to fight I get the cav out quickly and hope the enemy splits off there by weaken in their group attack. Sometime I scatter my ranged units so that the enemy might spread out to follow them.


Ya there just the basics i play alot of rookies and they all do those things the multiple unit thing i barely found out how to use it i would get beat by veterans i knew i could beat but i didnt know how to move multiple units At the time they did i noticed they moved more fluidly but i never held units n clicked others i noticed the bubble expand but never knew y. U should recomend to rookies so they may better understand how to use there units effectively


Hmm can’t seem to move multiple units at once but when I was signed in with beta I remember being able to move all my archers in unison if I wanted
Don’t know if being signed out of beta has anything to do with me not being able to use this control anymore


Mabe u can undownload n redownload cause theres new update i have the old version on my old phone and doesnt have this feature


CooL will try this out