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Sad sad world this is


To trully experience the genocide on humanity one has to visit Africa, there you get the lowest data vollume for the highest price, the cheapest chinese shit at the prise of quality products and a fucking kilo of butter for 13€…and all that provided to the people who make the least ammount of money, providing the raw material this planet needs for its survival! The tablets and phones we use cannot function without the coltane they provide, while they are thought computer science on a blackboard using icons written with chawk!
ps: Nicodil…this 15 character title requirement is bloody ridiculous mate


I believe that Genocide of an overpopulated, polluting species that has the intelligence to know better ,but doesn’t care ,is a good thing.


There is no species that is more polluting than the anglosaxons, and the fact that you think the way you think, shows that you are more ignorant than an anatolian donkey! There is a patch of plastic in the pacific as big as Western Europe…you think it comes from the african villagers? You wouldn’t have your phone if africans did not provide the raw material for a fraction of marketprices…you need to educate yourself…not in depth…just a small step outside of your ignorance!


You are actually rooting for genocide of western europeans and chinese but are too stupid to realise it!


Youre right about africa being the least polluting continent but not about the genocide right now africa is having a population boom and is expected to surpass asia in 2050
The Pacific garbage patch is as big as Texas not western europe
And can you tell me how the anglosaxons where the most polluting?


And i was just sharing my opinion.


Well its fucking huge in any case! The size of Texas years ago and ever growing…I stand corrected! Had your grey matter had some substance you would know that the genocide you so generously support is on you aswell! I never ssid genocide on africans, I said on humanity! The failing economical system that is keeping the majority of the worlds population poor, so it can go around maximising its profits is responcible for the very same population boom you are talking about! Can you gigure out why or shall I explain it to you!?


How the anglosaxons are the most polluting (I do include the germans in that group aswell, dont know if I am racially correct, and white american culture is anglosaxon aswell, one thing kkk got right)

!?? Well they started the industrial revolution and today own the most industries that pollute…the US alone is pretty high up there, the germans are huge plastic producers, every western country has outsourced its production to countries in asia that have no regulations on polution (or very few)! Anglosaxon men probably stand for the large part of industrial pollution as owners (of course China is getting there aswell, stimulated by anglosaxon germanic, western, business and demand) of those industries! Shall I mention Shell, other big oil players, what is plastic made of??? How about them oil spills? Niger delta will never be the same, will the Gulf of Mexico ever be the same?

Shall I mention weapon manufacturing, the island of Sardinia environentally destroyed by NATO from depleted uranium during the past years millitary exercises (just a small fraction of what anglosaxon millitary industry has and is destroying), the whole middle east is an evergrowing enviromental disaster since the anglosaxon invasion of Iraq and the shitstorm that followed and is raging to this day!

Shit…anglosaxons put Israel there and the illegal settler garbage alone is an enviromental hazard in the region!!!

Man I can go on…and on…and on…

Ps: Anglofuckingsaxons started the nuclear race, thats thousands of blasts on our beloved fertile mother earth’s face

Pps: Its just an assumption, but I bet anglosaxon business interest is responcible for the severe decimation of rainforest in the Amazon, aswell as the destruction of Borneo’s and their rainforest over there in favour of the Palm Oil industry, undiscovered species gone forever! COMPLETELY AWARE OF WHAT THEY DID ASWELL!!!

Ppps: You know how much pollution anglosaxon McDonnalds is responcible for, in the US alone, with all the other Burger Kings and KFC’s and shit

Pppps: Anglosaxon Monsanto just merged with Bayer (is that too deep for you, do you know what Monsanto is??)! Anglosaxon Dupont has poisoned the whole world with biologicly non-degradable chemical C8, making teflon pots and pans and putting it on every water resistant material you can imagine from carparts to jackets…to never be degraded!

The conclusion regarding your support for murder of polluters is…naaah fuck it…you make your own conclusions!!!



Let me quote you ”polluting species that has the intelligence to know better ,but doesn’t care”, I do believe thats an anglosaxon industrialist in a nutshell, like…spot on!


Angalo saxons? Do you mean the germanic tribe of the middle ages that has been long gone for almost 1000 years and i was talking about the human species not just africans anyway my first opinion still stands and i didnt make it to start an intelligence competition. “Only ignorance claims intelligence.”


I did not say you are unintelligent, just uneducated! Anglosaxons live to this day, they did survive the middle ages! But kets refrain from using that ethnonym and just say, all of the above concernes western europeans, or even ”the west”, because we cannot exclude the US and Canada! Grasping onto the ethnonym ”anglosaxons”, with that out of place irrelevant to this discussion middle age noncense its just a testiment to you lack of srguments and knowledge on the subject! But…if you did referr to the whole human race and not africans, than you expressed s deeper phylosophical thought and my whole layout on the pollution of the west was out of place! I could have actually used ”the west” to begin with! Thought you were s racist bigot, I appologise!


To now answer you correctly, maybe humanity does deserve what is coming, on the other hand that statement could be contested as there are few big players who pollute knowingly and stand for the large part, while most of us are forced into it by being subjects! And many, many actually do not know about their contribution to it, and modt of them would make a change if they indeed were aware! As do most of us, in small ways! The little individual pollutes small and needs small changes to correct ones self! Then there are the big individuals! If 1% are driving us to destruction, I am not so sure we deserve what is being brought upon humanity by them!


Two questions. Am i wrong? If so why?


Can we not argue about the problems of the earth and what dwells in it


You need to ask those questions again and this time try to bake in some more content into them! As you write them you need to in a way ascociate them with what we have been talking about! Like ”Im I wrong about bla bla, and why am I wrong about bla bla?”, but there has to be a bla bla in the argumentation!


You havent really said much! Exept that you welcome the genocide on humanity! It could have been percieved that you welcome genocide on africans, which you later cleared out by saying your statement was in regard to the human race! Yet you kept going on about the overpopulation of Africa, so you came back to the africans! Then you made it into an argument of weather anglosaxons exist or are an ancient race and chose to emphacise on that (of course after I made the “pollution” comparrison and brought up the anglosaxon “race”). Then you said its not an intelligence competition! So its all a bit vague and blurry, you debate, but kind of without arguments and in the end ask me to decide if you are wrong and if so why! Wrong about what mate?? Thurst for genocide? I dont know if that could be called wrong or right, more like morally wrong or right, or good and evil! Are you in the wrong to welcome genocide, is that you wuestion? Are you wrong about the existance of anglosaxons, is it that? Or are you referring to the intelligence competition?

I think you need to specify a thing or two in your question! Then it can be andwered!


Such a useless and irrelevant argument
So im done


Lets clear up your misunderstanding i said species not race. Now its over, only fools argue over opinions. Have a good day.


”Human race” would include the entire species, I believe I cleared up my own misindwrstanding!


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