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Samurai Wars is Dead, Long Live Samurai Wars!



In a previous devlog, I wrote about the some of the goals of what I called the foundation and feature phases of this project:

  • open up the game for scripts and bots in order to be able to play custom made scenarios and do automatic score keeping for things like tournaments and territory campaigns
  • integration with online communities like discord, etc.
  • make it possible to add completely new unit modules (mods), such as romans, napoleonics, etc

Because these goals will take the game to completely new frontiers, I now announce that there is a new app and web platform for that:

AppIcon-32 Warstage

So what about Samurai Wars? Don’t worry. It will still be there, it will remain the same, but will be moved into Warstage as a module.

During Q1 2019 I’ve been working on designing and implementing the required components, and I will now move on to integrating them during Q2. The web site is already up and working (, and the plan is to update it regularly going forward. I’ll be posting more details on this soon.

The mobile apps are not ready for action yet, and planned release somewhere near the end of Q2. The existing Samurai Wars app will remain available until the transition is complete.

The game will remain free to play, just like before. If you want to host matches online, you can get Premium by supporting this project on Patreon:

Note: If you have received Early Access and Credits for Samurai Wars, those will work just fine with Warstage too.


Samurai wars will never die!


I’m excited for the mods, but mostly on the Napoleonic and (if ever) the medieval one.

Hopefully, we could choose factions someday.