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Saxon’s Great Quotes!

“Muslims are the most hatful people on the world.”
“Like those black people in the church.”

According to him, actions of one single man is what represents all of a community. So that means if a Jew kills a Muslim that means all Jews are bad? I do not understand why Saxon hates Muslims but to hell with him.

He probably hates them since the Muslims sacked the holy land and Constantinople, and destroyed countless Christian art as well as aimed to wipe out Christianity, also the terrorism doesn’t help

During the Christian conquest of Jerusalem, all Muslims were driven out of the city. Those in the mosque were butchered, the streets ran with blood and yes we may have taken Constantinople but Byzantium was already dying and when one empire dies another one rises out of its ashes.

Most terrorists organizations don’t even represent “Islam”.

Also Grey, you still have that conquest thingy

In disc?

Both Muslim and Christians committed atrocities during those wars and the Byzantine empire wasn’t dying it was weakened from a costly war with the sasanian empire and the Muslims decided to invade both empires. Also, the Islamic terrorist may not represent Islam as a hole but it might as well.

No I left that server

Grayrider is an ignorant, brainwashed baby as he is discussing sociopolitical situations due to historical events…

I’m not brainwashed, Muslims and Christians have both done horrible things in the name of their god, they’re each other’s foil and are one in the same. I am biased but I’m not ignorant. And history does influence my political opinions, I’d kinda be worried if it didn’t.

By default you cannot be biased without being an indoctrinated and brainwashed!

So you’re brainwashed and indoctrinated aswell , we all are as we are all biased in our own ways

Do You Think This Is The Place To Speak This?

No not really

I have no bias…I am pure

Says a white boy who is never at chruch and couldn’t handle a muslim women or black girl

is that relevant?


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