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Scumbag Guess game


worst gaming experience on the history of the planet… could you guess the identity of this charming partner :

  1. He’s rude. Loves the word cunt, one cunt per sentence. Oulala what a scumbag

  2. he’s a coward. He’s the worst waste of time. Running after him ror 90m.

  3. And he doesn’t know how to attack…

Allez !!! Pick a name :shushing_face:

Well I’m stupid did you even need clues??!!


U were 40 min at my exitpoint u cheeky fuck…U should be executed for waiting at players exitpoints! I made the attack…killed ur range…killed ur cav in the process…and then ur slow idiots were chasing while slowly being kited for an hour! Tell the whole story…Pathetic… But dont worry we have the full story documented…from ur camping ass untill ur bleeding ass! Oulala…oui oui


He won the game!!! Bravo

Now take your pill

Put that screen away

Stop masturbating on these little soldiers

Take a shower you stink


Prey for your come back to reality


You are clearly a cry baby and a sore loser of the worst kind! And of course I won, dont really need u to tell me that! And with the shit you wrote lately…the ingame chat that is on display…we see who is mental…not I…WE see!


But you won the wrong game!

The guess game was for others, not you!!!

Oulala it’s going to take longer than we thought

Pauvre petit fou


Anyway u were more “petit” when I was standing on ur head!


I shall leave you in your fantasy now

Sweet dreams

Petit fou



yea leave, ur embarrasing urself!




I know I’m seven months late but…


Nvr mind