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Settlers from the South: The tribe of Solobo


A strange and elusive group of warriors have been spotted in the southernmost lands by peasants who tell stories about waking up to entire herds of livestock and wagons full of provisions vanishing in the night.
Originally thought to be coastal barbarians due to the primitive dress and decentralized activity around the region, it is now known that they are of a tribe named “Solobo”.
Thanks to scouting parties of rangers sent to investigate, it is confirmed that they are not simply a war party, but that the families and elders have taken up settlement in the rocky plateaus of the southern wastelands. They have horses, a caravan of wagons, and not much else.

No one is sure why these displaced people are encroaching northwardly, but conflicting reports tell of fires, war, and disease beyond the boarder. Their men seem to scavange the countryside in loose bands unless summoned for battle by their Warchief to fight. It appears they are well adjusted to the subsistent nomadic lifestyle. Though small in numbers and poorly outfitted, they fight voraciously knowing defeat means almost certain doom for their tribe.

All attempts to trade or communicate by locals have been met with aversion. It is likely that if they gain a foothold within the harsh canyons, not even an imperial legion will be able to dislodge them from the natural cliffside fortifications. Most of what is known about them comes from their proclivity for wall paintings and the occasional abandoned hunting camps.

It is estimated that their numbers are <200, meaning they pose little threat to larger factions. However, multiple skirmishes have shown that they can apply their limited warriors to lethal effect tactically. This is what promted the rumors they were a barbarian raider horde.

For now they are little more than a minor player in the region, but who knows what may become of the Solobo tribe if left unchecked.

“Everything begins and ends in the mind,” ~ Shaman Ruxxus


The commander known as Centurion of the H.S.C a growing clan of soldiers, from all the reaches of the earth dispatches his legionare scipio

, to speak to there leader after many months of travel they reach there canyons to see of there intentions are they of war or peace


As they approach the edge of wooldands leading onto the wasteland, an eerie sight of hung animal carcasses in odd positions instigates low murmerings amongst Scipio’s ranks. Some of the soldiers are familiar with this practice.
“The heathens use these goulish wards as territory markers and a warning: Do Not Enter,”
Though faced with daunting premonitions, the men under Scipio are brave and loyal. They press on…



Approaching the cliffs induces a dreadful feeling of being watched. Nevertheless, the expedition presses on bravely. Once confined within the claustrophobic canyon, the howling of wind and echos bouncing off rock creates the sense Of being surrounded! A few men mumble to themselves, but formation holds tight.

A forward scout comes galloping to the main column, “Sir, we have found something,”
He leads the group deeper into the maze of Earth until coming upon a very basic ladder propped against a hole many feet above.

“Sir, we have explored the inner sanctum of this primative domicile, no sign of anyone… living. It seems as though they saw us coming and evacuated deeper into the caves,”
Within the outermost cavity it is apparent that the inhabitants took everything essential and attempted to seal themselves off into deeper sections of the geological complex. This could go on for miles. Thoughts of traps, sinkholes, and ambushes flash in the minds of the fighting men.
“Sir, come see,” says the scout as he leads his comrades to a small chamber. Laying on a bed of woven branches and painted bones are three small figures wrapped in rough, undyed fabrics.
“They are two children, and an old woman sir; probably a burial ritual,”
Pressing on it is clear the tunnels snake in many directions. They could be miles long, or feed out into any number of locations along the upper plateaus.
A captain approaches the commander, “Sir, your orders?”


Is this make a storry line by line


No. just a faction introduction and RP thread fot the Solobo tribe. But you can write whatever you’d like.


we got one, a recruit soldier on his first mission Yells to the commander scipion. A scraggly looking shell of a man stands there,sit says scipio drink and eat . Scipio looks at the man and in a friendly voice askes the man are your intentions to conquer are lands or do your people come in peace?


My people come to hurt no one. We were driven out of our own land by famin we are a small tribe, but if you are hostile twords us we shall respond in kind.


Then tell your people they must stop stealing from the peasants. They must earn there way. join the roman army and earn your coin those among you who are fit for battle.My commander Centurion controls all these lands and will not put up with his soldies servents rations being stolen while they are of in battle


A brilliant piece of writing got polluted by what seems to be a couple of illiterates compared to the author of the original storyline…shame!


The only pollution is the pollution spewing from your carcass lol


After 6 months The Muslim army of Sultan Hail has landed on a mysterious island and saw dead carcasses of Roman soldiers