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///////shadow empire\\\\\\\\

I will be desolving the HSC clan and will no longer be active in the name of H.S.C @Danesoto
@Metal @GooseFeetNoodles i will leave the clan to whoever wishes to continue the clan. Danesoto being the second in command the only clan mate equel to me to call second in command an Elite player. all the red plumed centurion logo are Danesoto territory he maintains control

Selling @Noremac @TheHorseLord @ALMIGHTY2.0 @El-Duderino @One_Man_Army @Danesoto @GeneralNapoleon @Haiderkhan all blue is mine i will sell them off at a 1 gold coin or will let 2 challengers play each other for it in bulk, exept a few choosen territories and my castle i will keep i will use other locations to give to my military members for them to grow.

I Centurion will insted act as trainer for hire i will sell screenshots of players i conquerd to be bought by anyone who seeks them, place a bounty for a head of a player giving you problems or a lump payment for all games i play in a single day of play or any other way i can use my skills . I recommend you hire me to expand your kingdom but if i see a clash that is intresting and they are even in skill i will insted not intervene unless the price is right so play Noremacs game to stack your War Chest to afford my sevices to advance your empire in Territory Wars game
I will start a new Empire, players i choose will start off in a choosen position this empire is more of a mersinarry assasin role insted helping others grow there kingdom while we controle from the shadows. every member will be expected to contribute in creating and funtions that progress games. To join the Empire it is required that you are an avid player that can afford a good amount of time on tasks given socially recluse players are more then welcome this involes time

I will personally choose the best skilled for are military but that isnt the only way to be picked to join other qulities such as photoshop+ cut and paste skills to help with game map or other projects i will create rolls or job discription in the form of prestiege rank such as magistrate.
we have a senate that is called Territory War Council here you can join and vote on rules there you will see all rules.

MAGISTRATE 2positions
.Must know how to photoshop and cut & paste this Magistrate will help in changing map
.in this position you count the number of players that have made advancements on Territory map(must like to do orginization task) and where they move.
to be in these position awards you 10 gold every time a task is complete coming from my war chest account. fail to complete a task 3 times disqualifies you from the position and EMPIRE

counts the number of players that own states and adds there state income and deals with debt or profits (must like math problems)

This position requirs you have a youtube page to record and post matches tournaments exst. that are faught in the game(must have excesive time available)

this position writes figrative stories to fit the game that are true to the battle outcomes and uses location on map to role play the story
(must have good creativity in story telling and stay true to era as far as wording or choosin pictures to fit a story )
All above can conquer for the Empire but that is not there focus there objective is to make games forum games funtion and add or remove dimentions from a forum games i created to act more real in simulation.

A soldier that his only purpose is to fight and gain heads of players that were contracted when needed or to grow the war chest in the Worrior bank to pay all above. i will need a Centurion in each time zone

this position recruits new people to clans that hired us to recruit for them or who ever the order is to recruit

ALL ABOVE POSITIONS can be replaced if you fail to reply to a message from any surperior all members in this Empire will serve with disipline or simply be banished from the empire if you suffer 3 infractions

so if you feel you can serve this Empire Please join by leaving post of the position you wish to join and the intrest

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My prices
Mercenary prices

Easy 1gold
May take days to get your head depending on activity

A full day of my games
9 gold
Can only work for 1 player at a time

I could do the yt channel again I think but do I haft to join

No you dont have to i will pay you to record battles

OK I will see if I can make enough space on my phone

What do I call it though

Idk but i will like to put spacific tactics i use and battles for territory tournaments and other shit so name it EMPIRE WARS what do u think

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Ya seams like a good name If I think of a better name I’ll tell you