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Shield Factions


I think it would be really fun and interesting to have shield units/factions for defensive gameplay. Does anyone agree?


There were no shields in 16th century Japan.


I didn’t even think of that


excellent that will be great


Is Units Blyat cykaaaaaaa


There is, there was the tate units, both compatible with sword and matchlock.


Yah i was gonna say there is no way they. Didn’t have sheilds


That would combat ranged units so yes that would be pretty good


I’d also give the rocket units a good compliment


Just you wait until units that will throw fish at the enemy


Should really just make a roman version of this game


That would be amazing


Make a 1800s version of this with just cannon, pike, cavalry n muskets.


Right ive been wanting to have a battle with just guns


do you want to join one? i have a good map for muskets currently


Wait you got early access


Nicodil can you make 21st century version, where rioters battle police in a city enviroment!?


That’d actually be kinda cool


Im not a patrion though


Roman or greek would be much better