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Shield Factions




That’s an awesome map


Yah thats cool i wish there was bridges and houses on the map editor


If he made a Napoleonic version of this It’d be really cool to march in collum formation and square


Have a look at Riot: Civil Unrest, play as both police and rioters with stark differences to both.


If there are some cavalry or chariots units then it will be so cool


There are cavalry units


Old Malay kingdoms Anyone?


Don’t know much about Malaysian history. Guess I’ve got reading to do!


well there isn’t much that is interesting about the old malay warfare. I don’t think there was even calvary


What about a late European mid evil era


Same with maori warriors, but they were still a warfare-based society. Kinda like vikings.


that would be cool with the knights and crossbows


They could have heavy and light cavalry, men at arms, long bows and siege works


Instead of cavalry we had elephants…!


All you guys like are Europe, europe, europe . Guess the whole world should be europe!


In order to have shield factions they would first have to fix the impact mechanics and unit collision, blobbing is a major thing in this game and the melee just turns into a brawl. And shielded units are designed to hold lines and cut into the enemy in a formation, however that is not possible with what that is seen today.

On another side note you may give shielded units extra protection against archers however archers have infinite ammo anyway.


So having shield units would completely overhaul and revolutionize the entire game


Well for elephants to be depicted accurately the elephants should go out of control from time to time which would probably be a pain in the ass to program


Also there kinda useless other then scarring the enemy or using them as slow shock troops