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Shogun Fight | Conquest of Japan


Welcome to the Shogun Fight

This is a conquering forum game in which you will have to conquer Japan. You will build up your empire pretty simple. The goal is to conquer as many provinces as you can and rule all over Japan.


To get started you post a request in this format:
Name of your clan: [NAME OF YOUR CLAN (You can be alone just every “empire” here is called a clan)]
Desired starting province: [ANY UNCLAIMED PROVINCE]

The starting province starts with two towns, one city, two farms, and 1’500 coins (more to that later)
Afterward, you will be able to conquer more unclaimed provinces by posting three screenshots of victories in Samurai War games or you can battle other clans in order to conquer already claimed provinces. You can of course also just battle over a city with another clan. Note that the starting province does NOT require three wins.


You already heard about farms, towns, and cities. These are placeable buildings in your province.
It works like this: Every province, no matter what size, can build up to four towns and two cities. With every city, you are able to build three farms and with every town, you can build one farm. Cities and towns can have names if you want. You can’t just build farms without towns and cities. This all brings and costs coins. Now the plan of what you can do with those coins is simple. You can sell and buy victory screenshots with them and maybe even sell and buy parts or even whole provinces.


  • A city costs 2000 coins

  • A town costs 500 coins

  • A farm costs 200 coins

  • A farm brings 100 coins every 24 hours selling rice

  • Each city brings you 300 coins every 24 hours tax.

  • Each town brings you 100 coins every 24 hours tax.

  • When a province or single farms, towns or cities are conquered, they still stand and bring coins to the new owner.


Just how I already said you can conquer unclaimed provinces by posting three screenshots of victories against any random player in Samurai Wars and you can conquer claimed provinces or parts of claimed provinces by battling with their owner. Now there is one additional element. You can also besiege a whole province and then take it over. All you need to do is to publicly announce that you are besieging the province and if the province owner is not willing to battle you within 72 hours then you took over the province. However, if the owner of the province is fighting with you within 72 hours then EVEN IF THE OWNER LOSES the province is still his and you would need to battle him again to take it. This is simply so inactive people get thrown out and don’t stay there forever. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO BESIEGE ONE PROVINCE AT A TIME


Now you see that you have to be active at least all three days but you are going away for a time?! No problem if you simply post that you are on lockdown. This makes you safe for up to seven days from being besieged. You can only start lockdown all four weeks after your last lockdown ended. Then why don’t I just make that you can only besiege after seven days? Well, the besiege feature is really only for when people are going inactive without telling anyone.

As main communication, we will use this forum. You can also use our discord to communicate mostly about just talking. You are still required to post everything important, like besieging a province etc… You are also not allowed to post any wins to conquer land on the discord server, this is still to be done here.
Discord: Coming Soon


The map is a realistic Japanese map made by me with real provinces. Note that those are not the modern current provinces of Japan!


I will take mino


Ima post the screenshots for it later


I’m going Kyoto


You need to help me out. Where on the map is mino?




Kyoto is a city, we are playing with provinces. You can of course call your city you are starting with Kyoto.


Kyoto and the other province





Can i be blue


Here you go.


I posted screen shots in discord for Shinano


I will take Kai which is next to shinano and my color will be red



I posted for shinano


I kindly ask you to read the new “communcation” text where I quote:


for shinano and tamara


You realize every province needs three screenshots?


I will take Mutsu my colour will be white