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Should I just “shoot into the crowd”?


An ashigaru stab platoon finishes a samurai naginata under intense fire, even when the samurai dominate them regardless of weapon choice, does friendly fire inflict more damage to my own?
Can’t be bothered to test it 100 times, but out of 10 attempts the blue survives 5 times somewhat surprisingly

In a larger scale where there is the potential to take out a lot more enemies, would it be worth it to sacrifice mine?


The shot is aimed at the centre of the enemy unit, so yes, unless you’re looking to conserve soldiers.


Nicodil said ”the algorithm is the same in the circle of fire, everyone dies equally”! Maybe its not an exact quote but… close


Friendly fire does significant morale damage to your troops but it doesnt really matter if they were running away to begin with. Shoot the cowards.

Pls note that in a brawl you shouldnt shoot because your units will lose due to a morale loss cascade


I always thought that the projectiles only effect the unit its aimed at. is that not a thing?


No, friendly fire is real in this game.


Sacrifices will be made


Misquote? might be misquote


Could it!? I believe it could! But it’s not!


Curb your enthusiasm intensifies