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Sign up by replying to this forum topic. Just saying “hi” will do, and don’t write your e-mail address. Once I’ve registered your account in iTunes TestFlight you will get an e-mail instructions how to download the beta version. The registration step is a manual process, so it can take several hours before you get your mail.

IMPORTANT: I’ve got many reports of invite emails getting lost. If you haven’t received the email within 12 hours, let me know and I’ll send a new one.


Sign up for the Android beta here:

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Samurai Wars Update 27 Beta Now Open
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Beta download? How to
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Hello, I am a duck, may I register for the beta?


I loooove beta this game is neat


You have been added. Note: Among the known issues in the current build, there is a glitch that makes it not showing all matches when re-opening the app. The workaround is to force close the app (double-tap the home button) before re-opening. The iTunes admin site is down for maintenance this week, but I’ll submit a new beta with fixes as soon it opens again next week.


Hi this is amazing


Hi I want this beta please


Hi, I wish to be in beta


Hi, i really would like to try out the beta, the current game is amazing


Add me to the beta pls. ty.


Hi my name is cool rod


Is it too late for me?


It’s never too late. This beta still needs more testing time. And after that there will be even more betas.


I would love a beta access as well!


How do I get the beta access? I have test flight downloaded and the samurai wars game dl’d but it always sits at connecting.


It might have been a temporary problem. Try reinstalling version 26 from the App Store and verify that it works there. Then try install the TestFlight version, and let me know if the problem still is there.


Hello, i love this game. I would like to join The beta server. Thanks in advance


Sup I’m a beta tester so ya I’ll gladly test ure game.


Hi, i would like to try.


How do we sign up for beta?