Join our server

Sign up for beta here

How to post pic

Sorry i put in wron box

@nikodil it takes hourz?

@H20delrious1 no it shouldn’t. Resent invite, check your inbox and spam folder.

I had to update app i got it(:

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Can I have the email for TestFlight beta

Hello! Might I have the TestFlight beta, please?

Hey can I get beta please

Can you say end it again it didn’t work thank you

I would this beta. Do you need my email?

I’ve sent an invite to your forum account email.

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Android, need beta I take it the other place wasn’t acceptable for requests

Go here to sign up for Android beta:

I would like beta please

For iOS I mean

Hi Sign me up lad

Beta plz
It’s me safwan

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Here is 10 characters!

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