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So what's your favourite historical Samurai battles?

So I am asking, what are your most favourite historical Samurai battles, like, Dan no ran, Minatogawa, Kawanakajima, Okehzama, Anegwa, Nagashino, Yamazaki, Shizugatake, Komaki Nagakute, Sekigahara, battles from the Imjin war like the battle of Chungju, or Sacheon, and so on.:jp::crossed_swords::jp: Don’t be afraid to post your opinions in the replies about your most favourite Samurai battles, and please mentionseveral, I would love to see your opinions :grinning:

I’m a gamer…I know Zatuichi

I am talking about actual historical battles

I’m a gamer not a historian


I’m also not a historian, but primarily a programmer, so that’s how I tend to analyze battles. I’m most familiar with Kawanakajima, and I think it’s a bit like playing an online battle, two forces on equal terms in a meeting engagment, where tactial skill and execution is the key to winning. And personally I prefer that style as opposed to sieges or ambushes, at least those with very few options or decisions to make.

I’ve also read some about Sekigahara, but the other battles I don’t know that much about. Any suggestion which ones are interesting from a gamer perspective?

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Perhaps… the battle of Anegawa or maybe some battles from the Imjin war like the battle of Chungju, if you don’t know what is the Imjin war it’s when Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the second great unifier of Japan, invaded the Josen Dynasty of Korea in 1592, it ended in 1598 shortly after his death, he failed but came so close to victory he almost wiped out Josen, only because of an Admiral named Yi sun Sin, he lost. But I prefer Chungju because the forces in it are a bit more equal