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SOF House Cadogan


A new player in the act that is history. This house does not have such a rich history as other houses, but is keen to prove itself on the field of battle. All warriors, new or experienced are welcome.
High Lord




I proclaim myself High Lord of this house.


Cool how did you make the flag?


Flag designer.


Anyone who joins and sends me 3 victory screenshots I will grant a knighthood.


WTF Is this


New House


Not to Offend you sir but we already have 4-5Houses And this is not enough


One isn’t even active


He does that alot he will make a change every few days lol


I think daxion and this house should confederate.


We’re both pretty small.


Good Day …


My offer still stands, those who join and send me 3 victory screenshots will gain a knighthood


I would like to join your house High Lord James Cadogan


Bellerin! Good 2 c u! I grant you the rank of duke. I will promote you to Lord/baron when you prove yourself on the field of battle.


these are the ranks.