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Some what Good defense

When i have been playimg smauria wars i found a great a tactic to help in Fights. What you do is make a half circle putting Acrcher units firsts guns second and melee units third with horses on the flanks. This will help get coverage on most to all areas while providing good defense from attacks. If it comes to worse put your arches back and make rhem run into the melee units and get the melee units to work. The horse should stay on the flanks just in case. But if you see a opportunity take it. With you fighting and archers and gun supporting you should win. Say you do win in cav battles i say go for the arches and guns this will help you win the fight. It you do this you have a good chance of winning. Unless the player uses his horse Archers to his advantage.

niceā€¦I will try to apply your tactics