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Sons of the Fallen [SOF]


We are SOF a new clan made of a few old players that has been reforged we are striving to make it the best clan and having the best players to be recruited you must ask one of the generals by taging him generals are at bottom then if you are exepted just add [SOF] on your name This is our new clan Flag so if you want use it as a profile

. [The Fallen Champion]= @Zhao_Yun [Last Legion of the Fallen ]= @Grayrider64


Hi was part of the R.M.G (briefly). Does that mean that I am automatically part of this clan? Is this clan a sort of reformation of the R.M.G?




Ya just change RMG for [SOf]


@Zhao_Yun @BOOM407 @Grayrider64 @MasamotoTakeshi @jackel @DokuganRyu this is the new clan


Awesome only just started the game last week so would be nice to get some training in.


Sure if you see Zhao or Rommel just ask them pm me if you want to battle me also mostly we train on weekends


Hello I’m new to Samurai wars, what is this about?


Clans are groups where you organise matches, train together and create larger scale campaigns




I’m new to any clan so please excuse if I don’t reply promptly as I’m just finding my way round. :+1:


Hello, I’m still trying to ring my way round the clan thing


Yout in just add [SOF] infront of your name


How do I do that mate?


go to account settings and edit your name (not your username)


Tap your image far right and tap the gear button


Want to battle I will test you


Ok thanks


What d I do after tapping gear button?


Your name will and account will pop up and just add sof to your name