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Sons of the Fallen [SOF]


scroll down till you find ‘Name’. It’s currently Saxon. You can change it and be sure to add S.O.F at the end.


Want to battle


Can’t the wifi I am on has a blocking system.


Oh when can you battle then


In about 4 hours soz


I’ve changed my profile pic but can’t seem to find away to change my name, sorry lads I’m useless at this stuff :frowning:


I’ve changed my profile pic on here but it hasn’t changed when I go to battle?


You haft to login again and you change your name where you changed your profile


Sup Bois


Hey horse Lord I’ll DM you with pics of me winnin on discord


I want to join anc I’ve been in RMG


Yout in already just add [SOF] infront of your name


I’m here boys


Finally you are clan champion since you didnt want yo be general


Are there ranks within the clan?


Ya but I haft to make them first btw want to battle


can at around 6:30 2night not earlier soz. This is NZ time. Wat country do u live in (so I can compare time). Pm me if u feel uncomfortable about revealing that stuff on the public forum.


I am mountain time


u r 5 hours ahead of me


can u be on then?