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Special Badge (Dont mind this the title needs 15 characters)

So you may know or not know im new to forums but not to the game. I have recently completed my whole month in the forum page! And I was sent a email and I got the “User of the month” I think it was called! I checked my badges and sure enough the System said I had that badge! I’m extremely excited since this is permanent and Thankful that I got it! I’ll continue to fix promblems in the forum page if I find out how! Until then bye!


I think Nocodil took away some of the badges I earned! Did you remove Nicodil?? I had more…

I don’t know about the regular badge, but it seems like it gets removed every now and then

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Right, some badges are managed automatically by the forum system. I haven’t removed any manually.

I didn’t expect the developer to comment on this lol

He comments on everything, he is Nikodil, Lord of the Realm of Samurai Wars, The Shogun himself.