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Stacking and possible fixes


Soo I’ve been messing around with just random things in the game and I decided to test out an annoying strategy called stacking (you stack your entire army in 1 pile) so I opened up a sandbox mode and then created a huge army VS a huge army 1 would stack up the other would run in and try to defeat them

And from the photo you can see that the attacking team lost greatly
So I’m here to offer some possible ideas on how to fix this problem

  1. Add a debuff if more then 4 or 5 units are all on top of each other and the debuff stacks until the debuff makes the units useless
  2. See 1 just buff the attacking team
  3. Make it so that units will automatically move out of a stack
    That’s all I could think of off the top of my head.
    From Monica


If they are on top of each other maybe have a debuff for losing organisation? Like a moral penalty.


Yeah, or have their speed and attack decrease


They should take extra damage while on low organisation


Not extra damage but have low defense


Or maybe make ut really hard to take units out of the horde and make mixed units really slow


Muskets can easily deal with that.


Yes they can but the ones stacking can rush them or harass the muskets with cavalry


Muskets archers would easily route that stack and if u defend ur own muskets you’ll be alright


But if the stack rushes you there’s not a lot of options, if you run you’ll be chased and won’t have any time to get archers and muskets ready or if stand and fight then you’ll just get obliterated by the stack


Defensively stacking is useless, offensively it’s a tool of mass destruction


Just have 3 different firing positions if they chase 1 move then let the others fire if they chase all 3 then there no longer stacked problem solved


That’s actually really smart, I didn’t think of that, force them to spread apart and pick them off


I’ve beat stacked players countless times even great stacked players with this tactic


You have to micro micro…and then micro some more…