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Status update (jan 2018)


Due to several unexpected distracting factors of life, productivity was much lower than I wanted during the last months of 2017. Things are slowly getting back to normal, and here’s a short status update.

I’ve taken down the Patreon page for Early Access and started working on integrating the subscription based hosting service with the game itself. There’s still time to sign up for Early Access before I release the alpha version of the service, PM me for details.

So the release plan is now roughly as follows:

Alpha - integrated basic hosting features and stable enough on all platforms (mobile and desktop)

Beta - when hosting of custom maps and armies is feature complete

Release - hmm, things that goes with release quality, like polishing and probably a tutorial, also possibly a ladder system

Dates? too early to tell, I know it will take longer than expected, but I should have a better idea when I get closer to alpha.


Oh, and to clarify, custom hosting service alpha/beta is different from the app betas.

There’s currently no app beta in progress, but you can still Sign up for beta here, and you’ll get notified as soon as it becomes available.


Hey felix i recently got a new phone and noticed it lagged and glitched more then my lg x power, the one i have now is lg x charge a newer phone i noticed the new one has a 4 point loss on prossesing power which is 1.4ghz processer and my old one had a 1.8ghz prosseser, is ths what is causing my sever lag and glitching, on my other phone it hardly glitched and bearly lagged and the control function was smother