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Stop cheating and report it


When you come across someone that is clearly cheating or using hacks or something seems off take a screen shot and report it. Ruins the game and the competition in my opinion and makes people not want to play.


You should give more details when accusing someone of cheating. I watched a game of that person who you allegedly called out but didn’t notice anything abnormal. The game is known to have bugs that make some troops invincible or ineffective (I forget which it was). Giving lots of details can help the creator find these errors. I’m pretty sure those issues we’re patched out but something might be left over.


Like…really Tulak? Cheating??


Moving to Bug reports. The most plausible explanation is a glitch of some kind, rather than someone actively hacking or cheating. But regardless, please report the details of what happened (like invincibility, lag, extra units etc), and I’ll investigate.


Then you obviously didn’t watch our games then…4games all vs me and other teammates and they called it out too…


DETAILS…the man said…details!