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Summit of the Samurai Clans


We are gaming in an interesting community. Samurai Wars is a great game with huge potential. Those of us who come to the forum are united by our passions for strategy and gaming. Devoted as we are, the game is young and this community is still small. More experienced members have done a good job bringing in new players but we are stifling our potential by getting caught up in clan wars, starting clans that cannot be sustained, and having a lack of direction leading to an inevitable decline in participation. Rather than seeking to bolster our own personal pride by creating the most renown faction, let us unite under one banner so that we can all learn from each other and elevate this game and community to a whole new level.

@Centurion1 and @TheHorseLord, we have discussed allying our forces and knowledge… This is all good, but the spirit of competition will never be lost. While we all have much to contribute to the alliance, I still wonder who is the most powerful warrior. Let us three decide who is the best general and then elect that player as the Supreme Commander of our new alliance. In this competition, I will wager my land holdings in Spain and Italy.

So my fellow generals, join me at this summit and we shall discuss who is to be the leader of this new coalition. Only then can we proceed to greater heights.

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Ok I’m on right now


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I agree and vote :+1: to proceed to further are alliance and rule this relm


What kind of laws will we need?

  1. Joining the alliance
  2. Getting roles/being promoted
  3. Changing laws


Trainee - Any commander can take on new trainees.
Soldier - Soldiers are promoted by their respective commanders.
Officer - To become an officer two commanders or the leader need to agree.
Commander - All commanders and the leader need to agree on new commanders.
Leader - There is only one leader. They have the authority to promote Officers without others to agree.


Ive tried to break the functions down to the basics to keep a functioning clan this is more of a guideline to help keep structure and simplicity in are empire i will follow it, you guys can also but its up to you.

I recomend we do tournaments 1 time a week 7days that are scheduled even if its only us 3 as long as we stay persistance this Alliance will grow, my game TW has stood the test of time threw not giving up or changing concept only changes to make it more realistic(i will always adjust for more depth if its simple)

i recomend we give are members orders custom to there skills or the amount they play i got ideas just ask for more if you want
if your to busy to write out i can type out orders for other leader then communicate with his clan to keep up moral
ps. i recommend you watch kings and generals(inspirational) on youtube its like are map as far as how it looks and has a storyline. Personally im tryn to add realworld things and logistics or things that can be purchased ideas are welcom normac can name the price ill leave all banking stuff to noremac

these are the jobs we can give are clan mates based on what they wanna do

players that dont care about logistics on map they prefer to:

direct people to read are join alliance page and to leave a post play with new players

1.wants tasks
make money 10 gold screens in 3 days

we should have atleast 1 to communicate to new join request and questions about tactics or how to play

this is for members that wanna contribute to map these are the
1.territory wars logistics
2.defence/walls towers etc.
3.offence/giving orders to expand a certain way
4.elements/structures/buying markets wells etc.

we should encourage players to battle each other but to target the general forcing draws so they can avoid the loss as in life sceanerios killing the generals who were leading/paying the ones fighting units would narualy abandon the battle. Us as commenders should only practice against each other and not post screens of each other only on tournaments

we should use the recruit page to display are name a brief army origin story and 3 ranks using what ever kind of rank your army is mine will be roman. yours can be any i can give you what ever your army is logos true to that style such as samurais romans spanerds etc. just send me the pick ill crop it and put it on the map

ps these are just my ideas if you like them lets roll


Lol were close to the same thing


Ill put ur map under mine people who chose to start campagnes in the japan will get a castle therei will send my centurions to japan


I’m not really interested in tournaments at the moment. They are too hard to keep going. You can try to host one and I will sign up. Maybe when we get more activity we can work together to host one. I think map games and just talking to each other is enough to keep people interested. As leaders we need to keep the community moving along by starting new conversations and constructively contributing to old ones.

I like the jobs list you have going. It is important to offer things to do to players who don’t want to do map wars. Maybe we could assign research topics on generals, strategies, and other things. This would require us to find media, like articles or videos, to consume.


I’d prefer to make the thread. That would be easier for me.


Right now we to draft a basic set of laws that will be the basic structure for our alliance. First we need to agree on how to make laws official. This should be by unanimous agreement.


We need a Constitution!


But territory wars fills the.realworld scenario’s such as being invaded or campaining for territory food/territory is why there were war lords in japan for protection in battle is why samurais were created maybe since were in alliance i will conquer and expand for us you can focus on setting up games and any other aspects that are in your interest


I will leave the map wars to you. I have another idea for a game that is a little more abstract. Let’s figure out our laws though. I’ll start drafting something latter that we can all agree upon.

The two things on my mind now are that, we should all give our consent before any law is made or changed (including this law) and that to join as a low level member you only need to be accepted by one of us.

I also would like to make an established hiarchy system. Showing new members that there are established ranks and rules for going up them they will be more excited to play.


A constition is only nessesary if theres territory and war its ment for peace we need more of map laws


we even welcome enemies you can join here still as an enemy join up with other enemies and form oppisition to are allience in history these were known as uprisings, revols or risistance what ever you call it its here there are a number of things a person can do to distroy enemies empires on map like torching fields building walls to cut of growth of your enemies as well as protection for you in various forrms like walls towers etc. forcing enemy to fight you at a disadvantage. Athough we should keep this friendly as friendly compition and not get personal to keep from discouraging new players from playing. I remind you this is a game and even being a less skilled opponant in battle doesnt meen you cant be smarter and use the advantages that are possible threw stratigy on map with the power of the purse. ASK @centurion1 for more info if your intrested


I’m talking about the structure of our clan not metagaming. We are a united group of gamers. Since we have three people in charge I think it is important (and fun) to have a couple basic laws that will keep things in order.


Im not sure what you meen? Are you talking about ranks and rank climbing that structure if thats what you meen you have my support in any rules rank related


That is ecentially what I am going for. Kind of like a pure political game.