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Supposed to be deleted ignore

Supposed to be deleted ignore

Yeah…your limited skills are Nikodil’s fault!

No, it will not be ignored, it was a whole lot of complaining on “Felix’s” failiure to make good skrimmish in forest in the game…or something like that, and a bunch of other complaints, every time his lack of skill shows! As you see in the screenshots, those two games its how it started…this time (its not the first)…but it is not the first time “millitary officer” cannot take responcibility for his failiures!
Then he/she/it becomes nasty and wants to waste players time, but fails in doing that aswell!
A true sociopath by definition…but that is a personal observation! Just evil, no emotions…only satisfaction when dominating others! And fear of being exposed…aswell as weakness when confronted! Psychopathic traits…but hey I am just a leyman!
And noob is a nasty word that you should get out of your vocabulary!

Did you study for literacy while I was gone🤔



you mean spelling mistakes in english, that “literacy”?

The goddamn fool MTF went quiet…anyway…

According to the psycho I am “more” evil…well then, that means that he is aware that he is at least…evil to a certain degree!

You are welcome to make comments on literacy if it gets you off you spelling nazi piece of shit!

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There he is again, in wait 5-10 min at a time…preying on new players so he can dominate!

He won’t play good players until “Felix stops being a lazy excuse…”
But when its time to destroy novices, then Felix is not such a bad creator after all! smh

All the aggression man

Yea, mine is real, yours is passive…matter of fact the most passive agressive ppl on the planet are the spelling folks! :clap::1st_place_medal::trophy: