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Gandalf th Mad


I understand your frustration, but some things were unnecessary for the point you tried explaining. He has a life too.

Anyways, I do agree with you, but can you explain how much longer it takes? I haven’t really caught on with what you meant when you said, “I’ve had games that could’ve been shorter.”


It’s downright obvious that those that run away could’ve been finished off earlier, like even Apex Shurda has been known to run away on me, slowing down the games.
The soldiers being set back to “walk” whenever they’re supposed to be set to run whenever they chase the enemies is a terrible function.
It’s a perfect point. It’s a downright waste of time. Or rather you should even talk to Shurda who does the same thing in running, but expecting that my soldiers are dumb enough to be set back to “walk” when ever they touch the enemies.


Unnecessary, you’re blind. He makes people waste their times more than he does by making the AI poorly incapable of chasing their enemies due to them slowing down and letting go whenever they touch the enemies.
Try making better sense.


Pretty sure I was clear when I said that was unnecessary. You don’t need to go and comment that since you were pretty clear aswell. I don’t really care enough to push this into an arguement though.


I totally agree that the end game situation can be improved. Fixing the gestures is one thing but I think that a proper solution has to do with improving how the victory conditions are calculated. If we end up in a situation where it’s totally obvious one side can’t win or achieve a draw, then the battle is pretty much over and victory could be declared for the other one. Slightly tricky though, because we don’t want to prevent the epic comeback situation.


One archer unit could beat an entire army(as long as they don’t have calvary) so I don’t know if we can ever have proper victory conditions. I don’t know what you mean that the units stop running when they touch an enemy unity though.


The images example a before and after sequence. Whenever a pursuing touches the enemy unit it’s chasing it ends up having the “run” button(the key to chasing the enemy) deselected and they go back to a walking pace to slow to keep up, especially a hastle trying to switch them back whenever you have several units scattered around the map.
Cavalry makes no difference when one the enemy ALSO has cavalry and two cases where this said problem also effects the cav’s ability to chase even fleeing archers they slow down too.
But just as much of the blame goes to cheaters like Shurda, who can’t stop slowing down the game by running away.


No excuses sir


A lot of bitching lot less playing…


When you attack your units are in run mode. You are just pressing the button for no reason. It’s just not highlighted


Oh my god, do I have to repeat everything? The “run” button AUTOMATICALLY turns off whenever they touch the enemies they’re chasing.


*written to bob the shogun


No… you don’t get it. If your units are attacking they are in run mode. Even when it says they are in walk mode. If you press run while they are attacking they don’t move any faster.


All is fair in love and war

Gorilla tactics are part of it

That’s why this game is unique there is no official time limit and I think that’s tits

If you can’t chase down a troop simply stop chasing them and try to cut them off if that doesn’t work then maybe you just need to stop complaining

Exit the game and start a new one

No one is forcing you to continue that long dragged out game except your own stupid will to be victor

#have some common sense
#you know you don’t have a life to waste
#quit fucking complaining



hahahahaha you sir are laughable


You’re obviously among those that runs away to cheat.


Yes I am


Because the right way to play this game is your way and only your way