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Supposed to be deleted now. Ignore post

Calling that “cheating” is nothing more than pathetic! You will do the same??? You are already doing it…but in a really low manner…You run even when all your archers are dead and you have only cav and no chance whatsoever of winning! You do it hoping the opponent will quit…so you are in no position to complain! I run only if I can deliver kills, otherwise I do a suicide charge (you would rather quit like a coward than charge)!

But all that aside…you do have a point, although you as usual are miss8ng the full picture! Archers are very effective against full units and ridiculously ineffective against depleted units! The analysis you guys give is always one sided unfortunately!

By definition it’s ridiculous to call it cheating, since this game is impossible to cheat at! There are no rules and only one winning condition…it’s war! So man up and grow up…

…so just accept your own responcibility when you loose…you don’t have the right solutions and you’re simply not good enough! If you come to terms with that…you can only improve! But blame others for your misfortunes…and you will not improve!

Says the guy who always slows down the game. I only decide sometimes to do the SAME thing YOU do. Always slowing the game down to waste a person’s time in order to rush.
Of course, I don’t expect you to agree cause knowing how you even push your cockiness for victories every time we meet.

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Relativistic argument, you’re right we are all dumb for not knowing how OP the archers are.


Wtf is happening

How are you doing the same thing as I do when you run with horses without any chance of killing anything…I have never…ever…ever ever done that! My goodness you boys do not feel the slightest of shame when telling lies, even if they are evident as the ones above told by you…hmm


е па така де

Don’t listen to that Mantis.
As for you, I solute you.

Actually you realizing that makes you smart. The real problems happening are chikacrni, Nox, bob the shogun, xeno and Kaiuss.


Here you can read about your condition…smart one:

To bad you’re the one who started out rubbing your victories in. Mr. “kicked your ass” schtick.
And you wonder why I don’t listen to you.
Also, Wikipedia? I hope you realize that wiki is made by average people who don’t always get good enough sources.


Why thank you

Regarding the Dunning-Krueger effect, is there anything in particular you would like to chriticise about the wiki-article!? Which part exactly dont you agree with and would like to see corrected!? And where and what is a ”mr kick your ass schtick”!? And…do I really wonder about you listening to…anything? I just cannot recall myself wondering that!

This battle of wits has confused me. What are we talking about rn?

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What would I do without you ahbab

I don’t know maybe you’d just get wrong grammar every day don’t worry I know the feeling from speaking 9 languages

|| up there and am sorry for mistakingly Saying you made a blob

Muskets too