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the “run” button never switched off on me during a chase, thats noncense…neither on someone chasing me!

It has to me but I mean you just haft to pay attention

Listen though. Wether or not the button switches… Your units are actually still running. If they are attacking (REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE CONTROLS SAY) then they are running.

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Yeah they’re running, like 3 times slower than usual.

No they are going the same speed

The walk button is the most useless thing in the game. Rather the walk button has got to go. No one even uses it.

I use walk to slow my range so they don’t get too far ahead without infantry support

Yes, I also sometimes use it to control the pace so units arrive with proper timing. It will also become more important when I implement fatigue. I understand it can take up valuable screen space on a small screen, but that’s a different problem.


a smaller sized map would be cool and a bigger…for more players in custom…being the current is a middle sized map

WTF is going on…

MilitaryOfficer says that being set back to walk whenever his units engages the enemy is not very cash money

It’s especially to OP with the enemy when his archers have INFINITE ammo. When if it was real they should run out over time and not have to use that hit and run cheat for rest of the game, but along side the faster speed the archers archers are to OP like that. Surely the enemies do not use the walk button, cause it’s too slow even compared to a respective marching pace.
You think you make propaganda out the “walk” button, but it’s at the cheater’s favor.
Side note, even when all soldiers are walking where their paces could be the same, but the heavy infantry still lag to far behind and light to far ahead.

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everybody talks about infinite ammo, all fail to mention the fact that the arrows seem to be feathertipped and it can take a good unit 15 min to shoot dead an almost fully depleted infantry unit! Now that we talk…reality and shit!

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That’s why u use your amo wisely

Sorry I dont follow you…or you dont follow me! Why exactly should I use my ammo wisely? Or rather, how would that help in combination with ineffective arrows!

I agree. Archers are so weakened here. Each volley kills about one or two men.

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True, but you often see ppl using their remaining archer unit to outrun the winners infantry and consistently fire and fade. It makes the game 40 minutes longer!

Well the point is that ineffective archers take alot longer to shoot the enemy as effective ones, you guys are allways talking about hw unrealistic their speed is, never about the rest of their unrealistic features! But I guess realism is not that important when game features work in your favour!

Hey man your the only person who runs for the win plus I’ve never had anything to complain about them other than the speed and infinite amo

Well you should scroll up a bit…then you will find others who complain about ineffectivity of archers! And really…am I the only one that kites at the times when my infantry has been got!?? You are full of turds…as usual…no surprise here!