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Units route quickly so it’s a fun game
Instead of thinking to make some units lose morale slower
Charge enemy units with cavalry, make them lose morale faster and see their units route first


@MTF_NineTailedFox MFT, No it prolongs the game because it makes the players want to attack less cause they know their pokes will route. That’s why they always want to slow down the game.
You’re comment doesn’t change anything.


OK and lets make every unit a General. Because you know… forget strategy and aspects of the game that make for more interesting and challenging gameplay.


Save it, these people are dumb like you say. They know nothing about Samurai fighting to the death.


As far as I’m concerned, pikes wouldn’t be as good as other units like naginatas at close quarter combat


If you want an idea of what units counter eachother, go to this post made by the developer


Ok, hold on a second. The Japanese did not fight with pikes, and should not be referred to this way. The peasant spear unit is using a naginata, a short spear used for slashing more than jabbing. If you want pikes, consider the yari, they are samurai elite that shatter anything in front of them. However, they are weaker at the the flanks and rear than naginata or katana infantry. If that doesn’t sound like pikeman to me, then I don’t know what does (and yes I know the spears are ridiculously out of proportions on the battle map, but still).




they also come back fast
as long as they have suppurt they stay in
if they are winning (like when fighting cav or ranged units) they wont route
so use them carefully and if a unit breaks send any other unit (preferably a gen or cav or at least elite unit) in their way and they will return (except if they are really beaten up)


It’s not the fact that the pikes are better then swords, it’s the fact that pikes on this game are weilded by peasants, not trained veteran soldiers. Peasents are prone to route and have less damedge due to no armour if u look real close at soldiers you can see there armour. It’s import


He’s right, naginata peasants lack discipline, place them in your frontline next to your yari. With the yari in the centre, and the naginata on the flanks, they will be less likely to rout.


Just put all your ranged in front


The problem of peasant conscripts routing has been around forever and I’m glad it’s a part of this game. HH.


It’s never a problem for the custom games that use all elite pikes. But Felix’s registration for that is terrible.


Felix is your superior officer


So if pikes should be samurai, who should be ashigaru so we keep things interesting!?


Pointless and useless rehash comments are considered spam here.


I’ll make a deal, if Felix were to make the custom portion of the game more available to anyone. I’ll reconsider everything I said. But wait… that’s never going to happen and that Felix once scammed me to getting me not a single custom battle like he promised me once and I did what was required.


Hmmm I signed up once for beta like over 2 years ago, and I still have custom game abilities. Maybe you just need to sign in… Please don’t blame the almighty creator for your shortcomings in intelligence and technological aptitude.