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Teams for Centurions head (SOF)


I would like to have 10 people to make 2 teams to get Centurion Alive or dead I don’t care. This is not an update sir or madam~From The General of the 1st Malaysian Regiment &The Ambassador for SOF HailTheSlayer .thank you Lady’s and lords. This is a Valid Document approved by The Great Empire of SOF With the glorious Wellborn Family leading and as we would say in Malay. Sekian terima kasih. ~

All Hail The Emporer And long life the Emporer

God Save the Emperor and his Empire.


…semi good tactics but definitely not worth all this trouble for him :man_shrugging:t2:


Tulka lets play 1v1 then u can speak of my tactics and i of yours


Lol I don’t accept 1v1 anymore…accept one and you got to accept them all…we’ll go toe to toe on the field sometime but not a 1v1 sorry :cold_face: I don’t do 1v1 anymore :man_shrugging:t2:


Call it like I see it…:man_shrugging:t2:


Words spoken with fear in its midst my tactics are elite if u cant see this then u are blind


I fear many things but not your tactics…you lump your units up in a group with range in front all the time and you hold up and react battle the whole time…you play a certain style that works but I’ve seen this style many many times…usually works if you can hold out but I’ve seen you break formations and it goes wild for you…you play at a level above most but to me you play at 6.7 out of 10 from what I’ve seen of you playing…all my opinion of course


I like to think I was brave when we charged your hill on your own map and took you guys out though wink wink your own map when you had the best positioning and knew all the good spots :cold_face:


Maybe next time we battle you’ll walk away with your head high but not today :sunflower:


Lol u walked away with only two units you had two seasoned players vs me and a newbie and we still almost won maybe you should count your blessings. I also dont dont study the turrain like surda and find all the high places i just in general know highground is a good way to fight and a smart place to go i dont go and study my maps i just play them when i play them ofcourse.i got an idea of the turrain being i created them but ive created many and as i said i dont memerize them i just try to smooth them out


Lol my style is based on speed i have no patience to set up for an hour and stratigicly move each unit with hours of thought behind it i have no time for for long drawn out battles though i occasionally enjoy a long battle against an (Elite)player but most time dont desire to get into a 30 minute game




The lump is the safest but if i encounter an elite player that gots the skills to defeat the lump i will(and have used the spread) technique to counter the attempt to defeat my lump but you arverage skilled players might not know how to defeat an elites lump its very differant fighting and defeating an elites lump then beating the average player lumping it involves more stratigic tactics


I have updated something on you




Go to Bounty on centy you’ll se something


Haha that’s funny 2v2 in this game are not very fair seeing how the 2 armies are still same size so never really brag about defeating 2 players


Centurion1 has very good tactics but less movement but is very good but not good enough than mine.


Hey daimyo


You use tactics centurion just uses a blob then tries to flank you and he has good micro