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Terrain modifiers

Would it be possible to make it so that tactics needed to be used rather than simply charging your army in to what in real life would be a massacre? Maybe implement terrain modifiers to combat, such as water making armies less effective, high ground making the person with the high ground fight better, give slightly more range to elevated range units, make some units better in some terrain than others, make woods make units like pikes or cave worse, while letting units with shorter weapons, such a son a sword, fight better?
Just a suggestion because at the moment people don’t need to use tactics, which defeats the purpose of a strategy game.


Clearly, u haven’t tapped on the “how to play” button

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What how to play button? I have made this suggestion based upon “tactics” I have seen and observations from my own gameplay.

Ah, I see. You have much to learn. Here is the link How to play this game - Read First! this is where the “how to play” button takes you