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Territory Bank Story Line or whatever feel free to add on

Starting date is 250 BC
Every hour that passes from now ( just round off )is a year
So for exmp now it is 8 pm sgt by the time of this post, and the next post is 1hr from now, pls put this in ur post
249 BC
(Insert post)
If an hour passed with no posts, it is assumed that it is an uneventful year.

In 255 a man came to the land and said, “I am the son of God. Do what I say or I will raise an army and teach you some religious!”

you are ganna have a lot of these

5 years passed and the self proclaimed son of God was not yet fully worshiped. In the passing times the deity had raised an army and sought to conquer Rome.

As he surrounded the city with his men…

The first year siege saw him successful in winning the city.

as he was rushing to declare himself ruler…

The success on the battlefield was followed by long nights of partying with vast amounts of wine and fornication, little did he know he had soon contracted syfilis! His days were numbered…but it would take at least three years to get total organ failiure, the inevitable ending of that specific infection…if not treated!

as it grew worse…

…his headaches started getting worse, as did his mood! His brain was slowly getting infested by the disease! Wherever he looked, whatever he felt…darkness was everywhere, it was upon him like a pack of wild hounds!

as he was still unaware of whats going on his enemy’s knew one thing…

…that even if his dick would fall of due to std’s contracted in the many whorehouses he frequently visited, he could still destroy them in hand to hand combat easily!

so they dicided to