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Make rules to the territory advance game anyone can write a law and we all who join get aday and vote to pass or not

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@MisukiChosokabe @Ser_Leslie_Pascual
These are all current rules
1.When players first start they may choose a starting location by asking Centurion. If a starting region is not given but still you want to play it will be randomly assigned.
/Rule1.1/-Must be a frequent player 20day mark till then you can ally yourself with a clan or player currently playing and post screens as if they were yours and if you go inactive for too long your territory will go to your ally

Active map player
2.If you beat a player active on the map that is not within a two logo range you will conquer any road territory in their direction regardless of who it belongs too unless its an active map players territory

3.Randomly spread across the map are logos of each player. These logos can be conquered by posting a victory screenshot of the player they relate to in territory advancements. Player’s must be two logos away from an active player’s state to conquer or ANY STATE for that matter. Road territories dont have to be 2 logos away but must have a clear unblocked route from your territory to there’s
No act
The Road:
4.These are logos located on red line(road) in order to expand territory reach,roads can be used to jump to a desired location (2logo rule not applied to road) by posting a screen of a player and naming the state the road is near
/Rule 4.1/but if a main road is blocked by an active map player and theres no other route you will have to defeat the active player to move past till then your territories will stack on road territories on your side or buy a boat.
/Rule 4.2/Roads that are within a players tower can only be crossed with the owners thew a fee, a crutch battle or permission.

State Territory
5.These are logos that sit on land terrain not touching a red line(road) on the map. They can be conquered by defeating the player in the state must be 2 logos away to obtain conquerd territory.
/Rule 5.1/-If you leave unspecified it will go to nearest territory on the road. So its best to be conscious where you are on the map and give specific destinations.

Buying territory
6.Only territories right next to any territories u own can be purchased 5g for roads and a state for 10gold AU&AG states $35gold .
/Rule.6.1/-Put request of the state or road you want to buy in worrior bank or territory advancment thread and the funds from worrior bank will be deducted or your war chest if you own territory.
/Rule 6.2/-For each state territory you conquer you will receive 1 gold If you control all the logos in a state you will receive 10 gold,
/Rule6.3/-Each AU AG territory is worth 5gold in the next update Au and Ag states will recieve 35 gold when fully controled.


CASTLES= The locking of a state by fortification offering protection by the way of cruch of -4 units at castle owners choice of units to be killed with no resistence( genereral not an option.)

/Rule7/:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: those aren’t changeable unless ALL members vote to remove all new rule proposses start below this post
/Rule8/-If Majority vote is yes rule passes
A rule can be reworded or changed to please a certain member to change there no vote to yes,
/Rule8.1/-All will be givin 2day to reply for there vote to count or they will miss this ability to vote

 Passed laws

General rule
#9.In a battle the one to have the general alive in 15min wins.
/Rule9.1/-The one that loses general first can cause a Draw by targeting and killing the enemy general within the 15 min mark

@ALMIGHTY2.0 @El-Duderino a new rule voted in for territory map so watch your general when playing active map players
This would be
rule #9
My first proposal i will call it

General rule
9.In a battle the one to have the general alive in 15min wins.
/Rule9.1/-The one that loses general first can cause a Draw by targeting by killing the enemy general within the 15 min mark

Pros- For less skilled players offers the ability to win even if there out skilled and it makes for a game with an objective for both
Cons- If your more skilled you can still lose

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Are these yes or no @Danesoto. @Flick_Missile
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General rule is passed to law