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Territory wars 2


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Territory War’s
A forum based game that has been seen many territory exchanges and has, is evolving. Playing this game records your growth threw time as you sharpen your skills threw findings the secrets of this game.its also my way of creating a fun task driven game with war scenerios that play out on maps for those that like battle/stratigy games with a concept of creating a story line to your game play. post in the forum be part or it join by leaving a post that you wish to join

You may choose a starting location on the map to be king of. If your in a clan you will be a horse(general) and start from your leaders territory. Throughout the game, you will play as a king or general and grow your kingdom. You can move your king or general across the map to claim new roads or territories for you kingdom by posting victory screenshots.

Screenshots can be of any player. If you do not specify the direction you want to grow it will be selected based on the color of your opponent using the color compass below. Some screenshots have requirements that are explained later
The color of your screenshot and the sequence there loaded decides your movement based on this compass below

/this example below shows you the basics of what i meen by the screens decide where you go the 1st is pink starting in Sirrium the opponent is pink going SOUTHEAST

When all the fields are filled with active players then we will have to battle each other for fields but till then the compass system will be used unless you give spacific destination exept gold mines and wells those require special screens to get read more under mines and fields catagory

(keep inmind all games played should not be taken personally and should be seen as a scenario simulation of this war game giving a task for your battles insted invite challenge and admire the stratigy if its smart and have fun )
This game rewards the active its not just the strong that dominate but the persistance and smart stratigy can also reighn supream here the purpose is to build your Empire by gaining fields and protect them by way of building walls like :point_down: locking in territory controlling grain feilds

markets and being active is key. Ive removed the need to fight a spacific player to get a territory now the territories aka feilds are free to be won by posting a gold screen of anyone (some structures require special screens of map player)

Only roads and territory owned by an active player those you must fight true to the logo. The enemies inactivity is your reward

gold can be aqquired by a few ways the most easy is to post your battles to Worrior Bank n forum below all screens have a price there

all the battles you played in your day everyscreen is worth something here are the prices of screens. You can use gold to buy stuff here boats etc.


. only screens with survivng generals quilify in territory wars

You can also own a field of a state with a mine in it on the map in AUAG mines
These fields reward 1gold to every screenshot posted on territory wars so in addition you will get 1 gold ontop of what ever else you requested. To gain 1 field in this territory
COST=you must post 2 screens of a map player with more then half your army alive general must be alive in all to count then post those 2 screens +8GOLD to obtain 1 field territory in a mine state name the state you want must be 2 logos away or own a boat

In this map your influence makes a differance AKA playing, evrytime an individual post a screen, a year has passed in the world map, you will be given 7 generals aka stars you will see on logo, in the bigining each time you fail to post a screen WITHIN an update you have 7days after to post a screenshot or you lose the influence of 1 general each general TAKES 1 field, once you go below 4 generals you lose king influence you will see that you have no king here below

REMOVING the need to play YOU spacificly for your FIELDS or markets a player can simply post a screen of ANY player on the map and take your territory even if you have walls,the final general takes and removes ALL your castles and fields making way for other intrested players players. If you are challenged(2logo rule apply’s) and dont respond in 3 days time 2general stars will be removed and you lose 2 territories to the challenger.

You were given a castle that gives you protection by forcing challenger to get 4gold screens in a roll or unoccupy your land, pay 15gold tribute surrender all territories surrounding there castle and restart at there home castle if they fail to take your castle.
you have a field in front of your castle that when occupied will force a reply or you will lose a general every 2days, the field in the front of the castle will show the challenger he will occupy your field,
that field can be occupied by 2gold screens of anyone+15gold(returend if successful). Till you reply or your inhabitants in the castle are starved when all your generals are gone
I will issue a intent of challenge reply or die every 3 days without reply results in a loss of star (general). Till all are gone meaning the Generals in the castle choose to starve to death then to fight. The territory goes to challenger

Walls, towers can be requested in a post to protect a complete square
Feild COST 8 gold around
Well=9 gold around
MARKET=10gold around
Buildings= 14gold around
Tower blockade =10gold per tower (towers lock roads from any travel of anyone other then owner, they must fight you to pass but you lose nothing or they can pay you autimaticly it will go to your funds)

Owning a market gets you gold by way of players requesting supplies that are near you they will post a request and i will tranfer funds to closest market owner but it will send a message to all market owners they can undercut you by selling at a cheaper price within 24 hours. Markets also protects you from damedge to fields by having stock but leaving market unprotected is exposed to a challenge of battle to take your market. If challenged you can outsource the battle to me as a merssanary or anyother player you can pay or get to fight in your place
You must disply in wrighting in the screens you post to go directly to owning a market (with name of state its in).
MARKET COST = 2 gold screenshots of an active map player +6gold from Worrior Bank,


Fields act as territory they can be conquerd by posting a screenshot of any player on the map left or right side.
Every 10 feilds cost 1 water source a well or from a market

Can be obtained by posting 2gold screens of any registard player.
If you fail to get a well and have 10 fields a message will be sent to you, you will not be able to feed your army that occupy that field, you will lose a field each day it goes without a water source,
you can buy water at a market=5gold from someone that occupies a market near or get it from your market stock if you own a market its waters are good for 1 update. you can buy WALLS aka protction for feilds, If unprotected by walls they are prone to a challenge by rivals or people your in conflict with, they may
Purchase a TOURCHING of any1’s crops by using gold to pay market for damege to spacific feilds as a tactical approach to remove owner when your crop is burned, i will notify you via private message though i will not disclose who orderd it. You will have the ability to buy a crop from the market restoring your feild. If you fail to reply within 7 days you will lose your army positioned there freeing field to an easy invation

Armies can be perchesd for 10 gold these allow you a free move to the next unoccupied field near you. an army can be requested in a post in that same post state the location you want can only be next to a place you alredy occupy

FULL STATE CONTROLRatusz3![.png)![

when you controle all the fields and markets in a state that has all you will get a permanent structure to mark as conquerd, or own 15 fields + the full state you own to place your structure and 7 gold. This structure offers protection +acts to store water for 20 fields
To challenge it would require to win 3 gold(general+cav alive) screens in a row
to remove the occupier the challenged can outsource battle to an elite player like me for gold.


Update6 july,20


Here is the new map i will now start using this profile

@One_Man_Army @MisukiChosokabe @TheHorseLord @GeneralNapoleon @ALMIGHTY2.0 @Noremac @Lotus_Platoon @El-Duderino
@Chelsea77 would you like to join this map game @TCB


This is the start of this map i will update every 7 days if any1 active player doesnt post a screen he will lose the influence of 1 general every update, we start with 7 generals as influence. I have surrender all my territory to start over i will keep my castle in the gold mine state. Every1 else had the territory they already conquerd tranferd to this map


I will expand to take the road in Sirrium

I willl also take a field in Sirrum


Not official update but put in the recent movements and will try to do so as soon as there posted but the official update will be every 7 days look at :point_up_2: map to see change


Ok thx cent


If you notice theres stars on your logo in 6 days an official update will come and in the next update you must post a screen if you fail to do so in 7 days you will lose the influence of 1 general aka star each passing update @El-Duderino @Noremac@ @Lotus_Platoon @One_Man_Army @MisukiChosokabe @ALMIGHTY2.0 @GeneralNapoleon


Can it be anybody or just those on map


Ive answerd ur question above ive refined it


. Can I have land in Greece and I challenge normak for Land in Spain and also Napoleon


Didnt see Greece so i just followed the color wheel system :point_up_2:


@TCB oh ok well can ai have some land in greece



I noticed they quit which is ok but next time please make sure to post the battles that are fully finished and faught till the end or atleast till there left with 2 or 3 and then they quit thats fine to post those


You ever thought of recording your matches to show us how to play better?


I have but not sure how to do all that. If you know about that ide gladly be willing to meet you here so you cn record my battles ill explain what i did in steps and send you the steps explaining what i did. Then u can narrerate explaining my tactic or tactics theres multiple tactics it just varies on who when and where im battling. Scipio said he was gonna do that but idk how thats going.


Yeah like you can download DU screen recording and we can battle while you make a video I’ll be your sparring partner in the videos


The $$$$$$was changed


I will take all of sirrium threw color wheel system

I will take the road in Naissus infront of my castle on road. This :point_down:battle was a mass battle a glitch occured and we recieved 3× the units at the end there was an attempt to surround my army but the other teams partner was inexpieranced and lined up his range units unproted at the bottom of a hill and were charged by my cav