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Territory wars 2


You probly think I’m cheating cause i don’t put some of the screens you load because they don’t qualify that’s your fault you don’t make sure there all qualifying screens. I only screenshot gold screens so i don’t get confused


Please inform your clam mates that they’re gold screens need to be reasonably viewable to eliminate any and all confusions about gold screens


Yes I will but cent hasnt even answered my messegas I knew he would answer if I called him a cheat


I’m done with this , centurion is right , i have found no worthy player other than centurion , every other player I can crush with one hand tied behind my back , I quit territory wars and give all my land and money to centurion , I am leaving rmg and am playing solo or creating a new clan . Centurion has my respect as a player , when me and him fight , it is a battle that could go either way.


Also , I am changing my name and my colors, I will no longer be zhao_yun . Also my leaving the clan is not personal , I am not active enough to be in the clan and it seems like the only challenger I face is centurion, that gets boring fast


What’s your new name




Im not going to be able to update anymore, till further notice. I’m more busy now but if anyone wants to take over feel free to do so


Anyone can continue the game copy the map etc. If someone wants to do the copy and pasting all i do is use layers and color states in with a translucent color layer i can show anyone if they wish to continue this game.


Made a map. Texas wants to do something w it tho.


Oldu o zaman