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Territory wars 3.1


Here is a new Territory Wars this is more based on levels to give the player a fair chance in fighting a player of equal skill and fighting a battle that can go both ways but non the less there will be a supurior of each level that has the proof to say he is best but can always be dethrowned.
I have the ability to host custom battles and if multiple players want a map new to both players to play on to give a even chance to both players the players can request one with custom units each can choose half the units they like best to give both players a fighting chance
To begin you can post 5 screenshots of any registered player if there is currently no one playing or enough active players to compete with
to start you can ask to play and choose a starting location. From there you can move any direction next to a connecting area where your avatar is located,
choose a avatar of a worrior that will represent you any pic off the internet post to the page and i will crop and place it or you can if you have a picture edit app.
you can post your victory screenshot’s to the page and place your logos on yourself using your own painter app or you can wait till i get the time to edit which ever you choose all that is required is that you have screens for proof and transperantcy
There are 3 levels

  • elites can conquer full states and there logo will be place next to state name and there color will highlite the name
  • moderates can take territory of the roads that cut threw state the name of the road (on red line with a black buble)
    -bigginers can claim any road(not on red line) name the state that the road sits in(any black line) your logo will be placed in the fork of that road
    any where you conquer will leave a logo that’s on your profile but the avatar will represent where you currently are and where you can move from the amount of screens you have of a pleyer on your level will represent how many times you can move
    A player of the same level can only claim territory of a player of equal level you can choose what level you want to be in and always change the levels if you wish
    If you choose to change levels you must forfait all gained territory to a clan mate or to the map aka taking logos off
    If you are in a clan i can color all the highlights the same representing a unity




I will take ROMA


For the unity of Spain!


Choose a state, avatar and 2 more screens 5 in total are required and what level do you wish to start in


Why do we have to have to have levels. Why don’t we have number of screenshots to decide how much land we get


Because players get intimidated playing better players for instance some players create other profiles to play certain players that they are afraid of losing too or go incognito. This way players play on there level and stand a chance against players of there caliber and the better you are the more you should be able to gain. In history states would be controlled by elites important trade routs etc. to moderates and back roads to lesser servents its the way of life


@Centurion1 Invaded rome


those are my only screenshots I will have England


Where is England and what level will you be also what avatar do you wanna use


Horse lord wants Britannia


Also if you afraid of people getting intimidated then why have levels as high leveled players may intimidate new players


How can you not know where England is Brittania is England



I aint from Europe why would i be obligated to know


Even if an elite player beats a begginer level player he cant gain territory using he’s victory over him


Everyone knows that even if your not European


Quit talking about stupid shit just play the game or dont ur spamming my shit


And how do you even rank up it seems to be a needless complication


Just ask to move to a higher rank