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Territory wars 3.1


why have a ranking system if you just ask for it to reset your progress


If you just have number of screenshots it’ll make everything so much simpler the ranking system isn’t even a ranking system


And If you were going to have a ranking system have something like it cost 10 screenshots for it so ranking up actually costs something and matters


Nah its not ment to be paid for its a compitition thing if your not on the same skill level all are battles would be 1 sided say if im better then a certain player and they hold territory its likely that player wouldnt face me in battle instead they would make up another profile or hide incognito then the map would fail to move if your on my level and battles can go either way your likly to meet on the field and keep the map changing


That doesn’t excuse the fact that anyone can just ask to be elite


Using screenshots to gain land makes it currency and actually give it meaning


How is their any compition people would still go incognito to avoid you making so you just ask for ranks doesn’t make the problems go away


And look none of the things you said have anything to do with your solution


Asking to be elite won’t encourage people to fight you nor would it make the battle go either way and the map would still stay static your saying problems you don’t have solutions for


Idk ill figure it out later


Back in the good old days